more like...

What do you do of the feelings that you can feel deep in your bones, and no not like calcium deficiency, more like piercing through your soul like beams of light

What do you do of the feelings that you have never experienced, and no not like you are brain dead, more like walking on water, you can imagine it but you know it may never be true

What do you do of the feeling you are too scared to be led by, and no not in a boogie man in your closet kind of scary, more like letting yourself be absolutely consumed by someone

Like stardust in your veins

Have you ever tasted rum, neat?
You know that flavour of poise, of warmth, of camaraderie, ever forgetting and ever reminding flavour of truth, like fire of peace - burning and soothing, like a rush of stardust through your veins....
That's what she is.
Like magic in that little bottle of elixir, she is something commoners warned you about and the dreamers insisted you to seek.
Like lyrics of your favourite song that played on repeat for months, she is something most won't understand and a few will never forget.

Mood = Madness + Magic

In the busy-ness of everyday I usually forget how beautifully magic of madness works. It has always been the underlying force of my being, but I do sober down in an ever calming, lush farm that i work from. 
But this morning worked real hard and successfully found all the cues that led me to the feeling that was kept wrapped in a tiny lil box away.

Stay stubborn lil heart, stumble, tumble but stay stubborn.

For the lovers of universe and believers of madness and things alike:
Ben Howard - Promise
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Halka Halka

One of those days...

Very rarely, in your life you get opportunities to redefine who you are, to revisit your values, your grit and grappa to realise what you are made of and how well do you fit in or if you do at all.
Very rarely you are standing on cross-roads questioning everything you know.
Very few mornings you wake up with no fuzz and no confusion
Very few nights when your nothing box rules your thoughts and as the name of the box, you think of nothing
& in those very few moments in your life you realise that no matter who you are and what you are made of, it really doesn't matter, it all is transient; time, oceans, mountains, faith...


Tracing memories Fragrance of intense nights Spirit of the chosen  Imaginary bouquet of souls Composition of country wind Unsolved complexity Freedom from pain Paradox of being Juxtaposed in existence .


We are a paradox
Wrapped in the most lustrous packages
With shallow-est, oh such shallow cores
Made of steel and of doh, we are catastrophe at play
Fire and water, burning and dismissing at the same time
Seeking attention and peace at the same time
Illustrious humans
We are a paradox
Made of perfect frangipanis and unmistakable flaws
We are the paradox
Of naive lovers and deceitful cheats all at the same time

between said and unsaid...