You crossed it or it crossed you.

Stop the push & pull, tumbling heart
Be surprised & challenged, just wait
Inevitable good & bad things, just wait

Create refuge & space
Magic unveils & disappears

Just wait, let the line cross you, 
Don't be in a hurry to cross it, tumbling heart.


. . . untangled, unhooked and free  or  cold, lost and alone?
She who belonged, was now free She who loved, was now incomplete
She who knew, now knows nothing  . . .


Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

t e a

t r a v e l

t o r a 

T i b e t a n  M u s i c

Life as I know!

Nothing lasts forever.
So live it up, Drink it down, Laugh it off,
Avoid the drama, Take chances, and never
have regrets Because at one point everything you did
was exactly what you wanted!
☆ Marilyn Monroe ☆


things made in small batches,  cookies choclates happiness & love

sieve, lil one!

simple things clear canvas,  not so much
open roads green fields not so much
strangled thoughts blurred vision not so much
honest words warm talks not so much
dear heart stay brave not so much

ST+ART Delhi

Delhi in all fairness has been a pleasant change and it gets even better when such a change brings along art in the landscape. 
An afternoon well spent at Tughlakabad Inland Container Depot.

a fairy, a goddess or an interpretation of power

all in pieces, all pieces !



oh words & vintage charms, old worldly.

one stroke at a time

of many faces but one.


~Whiling away~