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aphrodisiac mind radiating from the core
fragmented thoughts shooting in all random directions
ethereal being spinning at a colossal speed
here, in the colors of blue and viridian framed on an empty wall
waiting for the commotion to stop excited, almost thrilled
for, i'm sure... many characters will disappear many will fuse to form new many stories will begin
but, in this amazing grace, today let me spin...

Thank you...

struck by memories of long gone days...
in the hopes of beautiful days to come, i sit here, today...
thinking, dreaming, reliving the days gone by, passengers i met and left in this journey...
so many people came along, some stayed for long some disappeared after few memorable encounters...and memories are all that are left...

i met an elderly couple when i was 3, the man was dauntingly handsome and tall and lady was tiny and beautiful. The freckles on her hand were like a pattern in the sky, one you may use to play connect the dots and his hands were long and clean... Two people exactly opposite, yet perfect. In the nights, the man spoke of economics and politics, while the lady spent her hours knitting and talking about the activities of neighbors, she noticed all day long. She was a storyteller of sorts and he was an exceptional listener. Avid reader, aware, follower, leader, designer, mechanic, house-keeper and a listener. My first memories of my grandfather...who explained to me…

as i pause...

In this house of masquerades, we all have some roles to play
Some stories to live, some characters to slay

Some notes strain my memory; some enliven my being as potent
Joy, of some sort. A feeling of loss and of gain in the same moment

Whom did I lose, someone who wasn’t mine
What did I gain, knowledge of being all alone all this while

By passion and patience
By sun and moon
By sin and virtues
Life, pulled by the odds towards the same fate
Rowing the boat of faith
The reflection in the lake
, asks me why wait?

yellow vignette

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Basking in yellow fairy lights, twirling on the tunes of departing spring my being sways on the onset of autumn...Gushed with wind into my premises, the fragrant hues of yellow lilies, pansies and alike...
Of romance, Shakespeare and vagrant musings, this autumn sure seems special. Walking, rather tip toeing, scared, scarred, my heart feels pain, happiness and alike... Who am I...enchantress or enchanted...  Mused, misused, my being is free to be a desire, a mistake and alike...
Despite of all internal protestation and external assertion my silent past, even quieter future leaves me with a beautiful today...coveted to do nothing but be afloat with this beautiful autumn, romance, sense of being lost on the right path and alike...