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meet me under the stars..

The city is bustling with sounds And here, under the stars, there is nothing But silence, silence like a song, a melody Oh, so well known to my heart.
Clusters of stars, feigning to be together Portraying the magic, imitating how our horizons meet And still leaves are put to motion As some crickets have disturbed fireflies.
And my dreams coincide with reality, Under the blanket of stars, where I lie making patterns Almost like a child, playing, connecting the dots,
Leaving pockets, urging you to read in between.
Engraved into my soul, is the rhythmic chatter of the wood Being broken by the midnight fire Gusto, wind and fragrant jasmine Lurking through my hair like your fingertips.
Time has conveniently lost track And moon has taken up the role of timekeeper, sigh! Shining though one thought at a time Weaving the crimson of passion and blues of longing.
You should meet me under the stars Where there is a paradise built by illusions Chiseled in the spinning fire Experimented and perfec…