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make it count...

simply dressed man  with an honest smile, 
on the road, for a journey
called lifetime...

a long-haul, on the road...
every highway with that honest smile,
every mountain with the same drive... writing his journal, riding his truck...
child in me asked him, "why do we seek to travel far and wide, 
when every breath is a journey, we take towards the destination?"

very pragmatically, he answered "some stay some vanish... we fight, we feign, we contemplate  but, we keep breathing unaware of  being wiped away, one figment at a time... day in day out, its a journey, make that count"

shiny quizzical eyes
of a familiar stranger of a traveller, a story teller learning lessons from the roads,  rivers and air 
to keep walking, keep moving and  keep flowing, and when the end comes, 
be rest assured that you
made it count!

I breathe...

some eighteen hundred meters elevated from the ground
sitting with the clouds, almost touching the sky
i breathe.
intertwined between the dew drops and moist air,
held by nothing but faith, resonating in the sound of crickets, fireflies and moss i breathe.
lusting on rain drops listening to the sound of rails at a distance,
on a trail with a tune of a long forgotten song that has refused to leave
a feeling long lost, follows through the silent corridors,
i breathe.
sipping chai, one sip at a time, staring into the void
seeking directions of the heart,  in a land far, far off binging on the local dialect
i breathe.
stories of travel, of ghosts, of romance,
being told and created with care
as it pours,
i breathe.
a long walk up the hill. a pause
some light in some distance, some stars perfectly aligned
to create order in chaos
i breathe.
fog outside, fog inside
clearer sky, compromised sight
nothing to hold onto
yet , I breathe...

Another precious find

Bangalore is well known as the IT capital and a house of billion start-ups. What excites me the most about this town is the capability to be quietly creative. The city has an eclectic mix of culture, novelty and experience. I have found so many places which are  so unique, simple and such is purple turtle, a tiny store in a nook at Indiranagar. We stumbled upon this beautiful store on a random afternoon walk...and the love for all beautiful things came rushing...Sharing some pictures..