I breathe...

some eighteen hundred meters elevated from the ground
sitting with the clouds,
almost touching the sky
i breathe.

intertwined between the dew drops and moist air,
held by nothing but faith,
resonating in the sound of crickets, fireflies and moss
i breathe.

lusting on rain drops listening to the sound of rails at a distance,
on a trail with a tune of a long forgotten song that has refused to leave
a feeling long lost, follows through the silent corridors,
i breathe.

sipping chai, one sip at a time, staring into the void
seeking directions of the heart,  
in a land far, far off
binging on the local dialect
i breathe.

stories of travel, of ghosts, of romance,
being told and created with care
as it pours,
i breathe.

a long walk up the hill. a pause
some light in some distance, some stars perfectly aligned
to create order in chaos
i breathe.

fog outside, fog inside
clearer sky, compromised sight
nothing to hold onto
yet , I breathe...


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