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Image many passerbys, so many empty souls, so much pain, all in vain!

but who am I...nothing but a victim of my own thoughts....  I made, what you are!


kuch unsune se shabd chunke, kuch bikhre se khwab bunke, sath main leke khamoshi, iss baar badal aayein hai... najaane iss baar kya kya baatein bujhange!?!

Where are you hiding?

i am at loss of words...its time when music is acting like a drug, love is acting as cure and loneliness is working as panache, but still the void which you tried to fill with everything is still wide open...gaping, glaring straight into my eyes. i look for peace...i look for hope..
i look in every nook....for you.

love lost & found and lost again!