A trip to colors..

A week ago, I decided to take a small trip back home... It is always a planned trip with calendar marked with all the things to do in those 3-5 days.. It is march, the time of the year when the Northern part of this country play colours, every household is busy making sweet delicacies and air is filled with folk songs and spiritual music. You can see laughing kids on streets, running around with colors in hands, looking for their next prey...no one gets upset or angry and almost everyone has only the set of teeth visible as rest of their face is either pink or blue or a weird shade of green. Every soul on the streets breathe of spirit of this festival, called Holi. Celebrated on the day of full moon this festival calls for wilderness in each being. The nights are usually reserved for post celebration talks, multiple rounds of chai, special food and while staring at a mysterious creature in the mirror the struggle of recalling, what one must have looked like on the same morning...

Despite of having a million other things on my calendar, colors made their way. I have stayed away from the vibrant hues for the longest, due to a million reasons but here I m siting in all shades of pink, finger tips bleeding of a subtle shades of pink when toes are smeared with joyous purple and somehow my hair decided to stay happy burgundy..

Rejoicing this accidental re-union!

Picture courtesy: greenyatrablog.com


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