a travel through time...a majestic silent story

Lepakshi, a story tucked away in the outskirts of Bangalore and Andhra pradesh's dusty roads. It's glimpse into the times gone by, stories created, lived and told by the paintings on the ceilings, carved walls and chants n hymns. People have left, memories faded, purpose changed, but in the corridors of history, time repeats itself...

It was a July morning. The temple was quiet like an inquisitive elderly, waiting for us to fill their
patient vintage corridors with the sounds of the day. The entrance to the complex was mysterious and welcoming at the same time. The small entry door unveils a beautiful aangan, which then transcends into a majestic Mandapa.The gradual change in scenery and the feeling of being part of the story is truly mystical and charming. While reading through those beautiful paintings, you become one of the members of the clan and recite the enagaging experiences of your own life, with a similar charm and etiquette.

till we meet again...


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