The past week was definitive at many levels. It was quaint and quizzical. I always believed that there are signs and you must follow them, as there are reasons and stories we might not know as yet, something very beautifully captured on celluloid by Christopher Nolan, recently (but about that we shall talk later).

About signs and past week...everything I saw had a story, but that's not new. Everything I did had a purpose, even that's not new...what was new was the unfolding of the fact that all our journeys are connected. Every road, every lane that we cross lead us to a place defined by every step we take on those separate journeys..

Experiences are new but the binding thread is the same. Added filters on everything we see and hidden meanings in every thing we read...the unquenchable desire to know more, understand more, see more...

I wonder, what would we do after deciphering it all, yet I'm curious!


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