of adorned walls and crowded lanes, 
a city with a sea and some hills, 
serenity in its loud hauls, 
searching for a sudden pause...

...i'm no swag, i'm simple, plain, rather ordinary. I have no jazz, only a simple head that is capable of thinking, dissecting and deciphering. I have studied varied subjects, all had one conclusion keep it simple, yet there is pressure to maintain an image, a facade, a shell that is sophisticated, polished to let others slip..I rather not do that. I would rather embrace others! I'm Bombay! 

as soon as you step in, you are part of this well orchestrated band..
familiar faces, familiar language, not so familiar landscape...and a constant awareness of running into people you might have met in the years gone by!

memoirs of the 3 beautiful days // Dec 2014

in middle of absolute chaos, to be able to hear your heart, loud......more


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