Silent murmur

I believe, to change is the most difficult decision, yet the easiest way to reform. The act of change is transitional, not at one, but at many levels. Transformation dawns only once you settle in. 

When it is happening you are the one controlling it and once that it is done, all that you left behind in the process of letting go, is the part of your soul which you may never see again, the reflections might stay the same.

The place i called home, that known feeling, the lanes and by-lanes which took me to all the places i held dear, familiar faces of the shopkeeper in the neighbourhood, counted steps to the ATM, to that lake who was my companion as the sun used to set, falling of the dusk and knowing 5:58 to be the time of sunrise...

Those cafes, the vagrant soul, churches which defined the city and the mindless strolls, conversations with random strangers on the roads, in bus, with auto walas, struggling with the language, and when nothing else used to work, expressing the confusion with a smile, strange feelings, stranger encounters with no one but myself as life unfolded a new me every time. Someone i liked more than before, i could relate with more than before, i could accept a lil more than before...

fragrant pathways, flight of known birds, 
and dancing fireflies, 
sound of rain and the enchanted lake
my soul, ablaze
awakened and aware
with doting eyes, I seek you.
my palace of illusion in a city of tales
something that might strike the soul
for who I was on the other side
surprises me, in a happy way.

like refection of all the stories of ~1800 days and one mere act of cleansinglike mid summer scent of a meadow and an enchanted muselike a creature of sacred dust on a winter night like a cautious thoughtful decisions, an act of purgation

“Life can only be understood looking backward. It must be lived forward.” 
~Eric Roth


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