from Florence with love...

It is difficult not to fall in love with a city that is a living definition of art, culture and music.
Florence is a delight. It truly is! From musical streets to sky rising churches, multifold bridges to petite art stores tucked under bridges and between the ridges of wide streets...

First week of August may not be the best time to travel Italy as Sun god is really kind and humidity is at its peak but anytime is a good time to be a solo travel a city with such a rich soul. Every street has a story to tell and history to re-live.

A city, written like a poem, to be read as a verse..

from Sunset boulevard, overlooking Arno


a paradise of hand-bound books, illustrated with history, decals of florentine motifs, woven into delicate tapestry of fine architecture...

 illustrated angel & alike

charms on the doorway 

enthralling mysteries of parallel street

warm niches . colossal drawings   

paper folds . paper tells  

from Florence with love...


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